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DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor

About the Product

The DASGIP system is a parallel bioreactor system to assist in research and development processes in both cell culture and microbiology.
The system enables process automation with automatic monitoring and control processes.
Parallel bioprocessing, with precise control of all relevant parameters, profiles that are predefined by the user, all these features and more help in the development of an accelerated and highly efficient processes.

  • Operating up to 16 parallel bioreactors.
  • Work volume of 0.2-3.8 liters.
  • Control of pH, DO, agitation and temperature for each bioreactor individually.
  • DoE software tool for process management and development.
  • Option to add sensitivity for turbidity measurement.
  • TMFC for controlling up to 4 gases per vessel separately for both sparger and overlay.

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