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SCI-tive – Physiological Cell Culture/Hypoxia Workstation

About the Product

SCI-tive is an advanced range of hypoxia workstations by Baker Ruskinn, designed to support physiological oxygen cell culture. Its capabilities range from minimizing cellular stress linked to temperature, relative humidity (RH), and oxidation changes. SCI-tive offers a closed cell culture environment that replicates in vivo conditions with exact, user-driven controls. With a spacious interior, it ensures a consistent, controlled-oxygen environment, from seeding to expansion, assay, and harvest. 


Key Advantages

  • Comprehensive Workstation: Large incubated work area enabling incubation, passaging, media transfers, and cell culture. Large pass-through interlock accommodating diverse flasks, dishes, and tubes
  • Precise Environmental Control: Accurate control of oxygen (0.1%-20.9%), CO2 (0.1%-30.0%), temperature (ambient +5˚C to 45˚C), and humidity (ambient to 85% RH) levels
  • Efficient and Reliable: Minimal maintenance and downtime with available annual and biennial preventative maintenance kits
  • Non-disruptive Access: Maintains a stable environment with minimal disruption, reducing cell stress and ensuring accurate cell or tissue culture expression



  • Stem Cell Research: 
  • Translational Research: Provides an optimal environment for cell culture and translational research, accurately replicating low-oxygen in vivo conditions
  • Tumorigenesis, Angiogenesis, Diabetes, Aging Studies- Offers a suitable platform to investigate hypoxia conditions.

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