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WTC 200 – Precision Balance

About the Product

The WTC 200 Precision Balance is an indispensable tool for laboratory work that requires rapid and precise mass determination. Essential for maintaining the integrity of measurements, the WTC 200 has a stainless steel weighing pan and a backlit LCD ensuring clearly visible weighing results. Further augmenting its versatility and compatibility, It is equipped with an internal battery, allowing use in every bench without accessible power.  It includes various communication interfaces such as RS232, USB type A, and USB type B, facilitating collaboration with peripheral devices, and features a real-time clock and ALIBI memory to enhance data reliability and accountability, making it a reliable choice for precision mass determination.


Key Advantages

  • Equipped with an internal battery, enabling operation in areas with no mains access
  • Durable and easy-to-clean stainless steel weighing pan
  • Backlit LCD for clear presentation of weighing results
  • Includes communication interfaces (RS232, USB Type A, USB Type B) for compatibility with various peripheral devices
  • Real-time clock and ALIBI memory for enhanced data tracking and verification
  • Precision meteorological parameters with a maximum capacity of 2000g, readability of 0.01g, repeatability of 0.01g, and linearity of ±0.03g.
  • Quick stabilization time of 2 seconds



  • Essential for laboratories requiring precise and rapid mass determination
  • Ideal for use in locations without readily accessible power supply


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