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Micro Ultracentrifuge CS-(F)NX Series

About the Product

The Centrifuge CS-(F)NX Series is expertly designed to make the most of limited space.

These micro-ultracentrifuges offer remarkable high speeds, up to 1,050,000 × g (150,000 rpm), and are equipped with fast acceleration and deceleration ramps, ensuring rapid sample separation.

They prove to be the perfect solution for handling a wide range of samples, including nucleic acids, proteins, protein complexes, vesicles, and viruses, in vessels ranging from 0.2 – 30 mL.

With an impressively low noise level of <45 dB(A), these instruments create a stress-free work environment, even when operating in close proximity to the machines.

Additional features include a self-locking rotor system, enabling seamless rotor exchange within seconds, and an innovative non-contact imbalance sensor, guaranteeing safe operation.

Moreover, the option to balance samples by eye (up to 5 mm)* eliminates the need for time-consuming sample balancing using a scale.

The devices are equipped with a large touch display that starts up in just 6 seconds, facilitating fast and straightforward operation. This display also enhances security and compliance through user-based access control and run documentation. Additionally, the capability to pre-program up to 20 programs supports multi-user labs and laboratories adhering to GxP/GLP compliance.

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Key Features

  • Low noise level
  • Self-locking rotor system that locks the rotor by centrifugal force
  • Visual balancing of samples by eye up to 5 mm height difference – no scale required
  • Safe – powerful non-contact imbalance system always monitors the rotor vibration and drive shaft. In case of unusual vibrations, the system stops the run
  • Intuitive touchscreen with documentation functions, and three-level user management with password login to support GxP compliance
  • Turn on time – Ready to go in only 6 seconds after turning on the device

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