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MA X2.A – Moisture Analyzer Series

About the Product

The MA X2.A family of Moisture Analyzers are state-of-the-art instruments designed for the swift, precise determination of relative moisture content, dry mass content, and additional parameters in various substance samples. The signature feature of the MA.X2.A series is an innovative system that permits the automatic opening and closing of the drying chamber via a button or proximity sensors. This function not only ensures cleanliness and eliminates potential shocks from manual handling but also enhances process automation, operational safety, and repeatability. Fitted with a user-friendly color touchscreen, these analyzers boast free control panel configuration through hotkeys, customizable information fields, and programmable labels. Furthermore, the MA.X2.A series allows users to carry out the drying process at any temperature and set specific drying processes for particular products using its comprehensive databases.

Key Advantages

  • Automatic opening and closing of the drying chamber
  • User-friendly 5″ capacitive color touchpad
  • Modern, intuitive interface for uncomplicated operation
  • Programmable display for personalized user experience
  • Range of drying profiles including standard, mild, step, fast
  • Compliant with GLP/GMP, providing printouts-reports
  • Customized applications for optimized and repeatable use



  • Determination of relative moisture content in various substance samples
  • Quick and precise calculation of dry mass content

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