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Revolution – Hybrid Automated Microscope

About the Product

The Revolution Automated Microscope combines cutting-edge technology and elegant rotating design to offer a comprehensive solution for life science microscopy. With the inclusion of the rapid HYPERSCAN technology for high-speed image stitching and the vibration-free ECHO incubator, the Revolution Automated Microscope provides a seamless, enriched imaging experience, prioritizing speed, precision, and convenience. The Revolution Automated Microscope neatly houses all cables, controllers, and power supplies within its frame, and is controlled by an intuitive navigation system of the microscope’s XY stage and Z-Focus via touch, mouse, or an optional joystick.


Key Advantages

  • Automated Workflow: Simplifies the research process by automating time-consuming tasks
  • Brightfield & Fluorescence Imaging: Provides high-resolution imaging in both Brightfield and Fluorescence modes
  • Phase Contrast: detailed images of transparent and semi-transparent specimens
  • Live Cell Imaging: Time-lapse of live samples with enhanced clarity and precision.
  • Stage Top Incubator: ECHO incubator maintains optimal conditions for preserving specimen viability
  • Multi-Channel Imaging: Capture and overlay multiple Fluorescence channels for a comprehensive analysis
  • Image Stitching: HYPERSCAN technology enables stitching of large Field-Of-View images
  • Z – Stack Imaging: Acquire stack images at different focal heights for a 3D perspective.
  • Auto Focus: Uses advanced algorithms to find and maintain the best Z-plane(s) for sharp, focused imaging



  • Live Cell Analysis: The Revolution Automated Microscope facilitates prolonged observation of live cells under controlled environmental conditions to study cell behavior, morphology, growth, and response to stimuli.
  • High-Throughput Screening: With its ultra-fast scanning and mosaic image stitching capability, it’s perfectly suited for high-throughput screening in drug discovery and genetic research.
  • Multidimensional Imaging: Ideal for capturing Time-Lapse, Multi-Point, Mosaic, Multi-Channel, and Z-stack images

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