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Sievers TOC-R3 Online TOC Analyzer

About the Product

With dependable data, the Sievers TOC-R3 Online Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and Total Nitrogen (TN) Analyzer utilize innovative high-temperature, non-catalytic combustion technology, enabling you to confidently and rapidly detect leaks, ensure effluent compliance, and improve quality and process control in industrial settings. This analyzer employs 1200 ℃ complete combustion oxidation, resulting in highly accurate data, while requiring minimal maintenance and low chemical consumption. The advanced data management and software facilitate seamless operation, and with features like predictive maintenance and remote control, you can enhance troubleshooting, avoid downtime, and take prompt action. Enjoying minimal maintenance and increased uptime, the TOC-R3 proves to be an efficient and reliable solution for various monitoring applications.

The TOC-R3 demonstrates robustness through its exceptional analytical performance and status monitoring capabilities across a wide range of analytical requirements and protection classes for various environments, all while requiring minimal maintenance. The instrument’s reliability is evident in its automated calibration, self-cleaning, and check standard capability, ensuring reduced system downtime. Thanks to its revolutionary technology, the TOC-R3 offers a responsive operation with rapid cycle times. Additionally, it provides the option for leak detection mode and a wide-range detector to enhance its versatility further.

key features of the TOC-R3 include:

  1. Complete oxidation at 1,200 °C through catalyst-free, high-temperature combustion.
  2. Easy maintenance due to its modular design and status monitoring, ensuring minimal downtime.
  3. Capable of handling harsh samples with its self-cleaning and automated rinsing capability.
  4. Safety and cost-effectiveness due to low chemical consumption.
  5. Straightforward user experience with advanced data management and intuitive software.
  6. Enhanced troubleshooting through predictive maintenance and remote control options.

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