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Ultracentrifuge CP-NX Series

About the Product

Due to the challenges posed by ultracentrifugation, ensuring user-friendly and safe operation is of utmost importance. The CPNX ultra–series is exactly the Ultracentrifuge addressing this.

This series of centrifuges comprises three models: Centrifuge CP100NX, CP90NX, and CP80NX). Each model shares an impressive array of user-friendly and innovative features, along with a comprehensive rotor portfolio, making them essential companions for all high- to ultra-speed applications and a perfect solution for various separation tasks, including nucleic acids, proteins, protein complexes, vesicles, viruses, and more.

One exceptional feature is the unique Automatic Rotor Life Management System (RLM), which significantly extends the rotor’s lifespan.

The RLM automatically tracks precise run times on the internal rotor memory, eliminating the need for handwritten rotor logs. The hassle of manually tightening rotors is also eradicated, thanks to the self-locking rotor system, allowing for quick and effortless rotor exchanges in mere seconds.

Safety is paramount with the non-contact imbalance sensor ensuring secure operation. Additionally, the option to balance samples by eye (up to 5 mm)*) saves time compared to using scales for sample balancing.

The centrifuges boast a large touch display with a remarkably fast start-up time of just 6 seconds. The interface offers an intuitive, multilingual operation and features three-level user management and run documentation. Moreover, the ability to pre-program up to 1,000 programs is available, catering to multi-user labs and laboratories adhering to GxP/GLP compliance.

Key Features:

  • Boasting speeds of up to 803,000 × g (100,000 rpm), depending on the model
  • Automatic rotor detection and Rotor Life Management System (RLM)
  • Self-locking rotor system
  • Visual sample balance – Balance samples by eye up to 5 mm height difference – no scale required!
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Fast turn-on time – Ready to go in just 6 seconds

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