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VeriPac Series- Vacuum Decay

About the Product

The VeriPac inspection method, utilizing vacuum decay technology, enables the non-destructive evaluation of various package types.

These packages encompass filled and sealed rigid, semi-rigid, and flexible materials, whether they are non-porous or porous.

PTI’s VeriPac instruments have developed this vacuum decay method, showcasing exceptional leak detection sensitivity in the single digit micron range.

The VeriPac leak tester series is connected to a specially designed test chamber, specifically customed upon customer requirements, created to enclose the package under examination.

Within this test chamber, the package is subjected to a vacuum. The unique technology employed, known as dual transducer technology, monitors both the vacuum level and its changes during a predetermined test duration. By analyzing the alterations in absolute and differential vacuum, the presence of gross and micro leaks and defects within the package can be identified.

These test systems can be tailored for either manual or automatic operation, making them suitable for laboratory offline testing and QA/QC statistical process control.

The test cycle is swift, taking only a few seconds, and the results are objective rather than subjective. Additionally, this inspection method is non-destructive, ensuring both the product and package remain intact after testing.

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