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Multiflo FX MultiMode Dispenser

About the Product

Automatic integrated solution dispenser for parallel dispensation of up to 5 different solutions for 6-1536 plates in wells with volumes of 0.5-3000 ul

The device is compact and saves work time, space and budget.

  • The device has several unique technologies that enable parallel dispensation into a full plate of buffers/different solutions  or a random dispensation into specific wells
  • Module  for a delicate replacement of a patented automated media exchange   (AMX) medium from suspension or spheroid cell cultures
  • An additional module for washing 6-384 well plates in rows

The device interfaces with an incubator robot and automated imaging systems and enables automatic operation of entire experiments

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Endotoxin & TOC Conference

21-22 March 2022

Endotoxin & TOC Conference

21-22 March 2022