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VM-80 Vertical Rotating Mixer

About the Product

The VM-80 Vertical Rotating Mixer is designed to provide a gentle yet efficient mixing process that ensures the rotating samples remain in a suspended state, making it highly suitable for applications like blood clot prevention, latex diagnosis, and immunoprecipitation. It offers a blend of high functionality and convenience, backed by a solid structure, low noise operation, and long lifespan.


Key Advantages

  • Appealing design and a robust structure 
  • Simple operational mechanism accompanied by a LED display
  • DC brushless motor for stable performance, low noise, and an extended lifecycle
  • 360° vertical circulation rotation 
  • Offers an assortment of tube holder frames to accommodate different types of tubes



  • Prevention of blood clotting 
  • Used in latex diagnostic tests, ensuring a thorough and uniform mix of components
  • Immunoprecipitation studies

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