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Cytation 7 Cell Imaging Multimode Reader

About the Product

Cytation 7 Cell Imaging Multimode Reader expertly combines automated digital upright and inverted widefield microscopy with conventional multimode microplate reading. At the heart of the Cytation 7 lies a continuously variable bandpass monochromator system that provides unmatched versatility and performance. This exceptional system is empowered by two modules – the inverted microscopy module that provides detailed sample visualization, and the upright microscopy module that expands capabilities with reflected light imaging, enabling many applications, including ELISpot and quick slide scanning. The Cytation 7 system is controlled by the Gen5 software that facilitates image processing and analysis work.


Key Advantages

  • upright and inverted microscopy optics enables a myriad of cellular and reflected light applications
  • The inverted microscopy module offers fluorescence, brightfield, and color brightfield functionalities, capable of analyzing both macroscopic entities and intracellular detail
  • Hybrid design combines a plate reader and advanced microscopy – provides flexible operation, ensuring readiness for any assay
  • Automation in imaging acquisition, processing, image analysis, and object count significantly reduces manual intervention
  • Powerful Region of Interest (ROI) identification and selection of samples for high magnification
  • Take3 plate or Take3 Trio allows for the analysis of 16 or 48 samples in a single run



  • Label-free cell counting
  • Calcium kinetics
  • Time-lapse live cell imaging
  • 3D cell culture
  • Slide scanning
  • Cell viability/toxicity/migration
  • Whole organism imaging
  • Cell growth & Cell cycle analysis
  • ELISpot
  • Elisa
  • ROI identification
  • Nucleic acid and protein quantification

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