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BioBLU f – Single-Use Bioreactors

About the Product

Embrace the innovation of microbial process development with BioBLU f Single-Use Bioreactors, designed specifically for robust microbial applications. These bioreactors are ideally suited for fermentation involving bacteria, yeasts, and fungi, supporting high-cell density processes at unparalleled levels. The rigid wall-stirred tank design mirrors traditional bioreactors, ensuring effective mixing and mass transfer. With BioBLU f, Eppendorf seamlessly merges the convenience of single-use technology with the trusted performance and scalability of a stirred-tank design. As a result, users experience a significant reduction in labor-intensive cleaning procedures, leading to improved turn-around times and overall costs.


Key Advantages

  • Single-use, stirred-tank, rigid-walled bioreactors available in sizes ranging from 65 mL to 3.75 L working volume
  • Designed explicitly for high-density fermentation processes
  • Equipped with multiple Rushton-type impellers for efficient mixing and mass transfer
  • Sealed magnetic drive with fully enclosed bearings maintain vessel sterility
  • Bioreactors are assembled with a sparger, gas filters for inlet and exhaust, and penetrations for pH, DO, temperature, liquid additions, sampling, and harvest
  • Compatible with Eppendorf benchtop bioreactor systems
  • Adaptor kits for legacy bioreactor controllers available



  • Cultivation and fermentation involving bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Ideal for high-cell density fermentation

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