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Lionheart LX Automated Microscope

About the Product

Lionheart LX Automated Microscope offers an affordable solution for automated digital microscopy. Crafted with a compact and integrated design, it is a practical alternative to custom-built, pricier options. This automated microscope is ideal for researchers who demand efficiency and comfort in their work. Coupled with Gen5 software, the Lionheart LX employs Augmented Microscopy to automate image capture, processing, and analysis. Utilize the Lionheart LX to expedite your research and cut cost expenditures.


Key Advantages

  • Small footprint for easy installation on standard lab benches
  • High-grade Olympus objectives and Semrock filters ensure excellent image quality and performance
  • Wide field of view (WFOV) camera for quick automated imaging in microplates and slide
  • Fully automated image capture workflow
  • Laser-based and software-based autofocus ensure sharp, in-focus images
  • Open-stage design accommodates work with microfluidic device



  • Cell Migration and Invasion Assays
  • Cell Counting
  • Cellular Assays
  • Histology (H&E)
  • Immunofluorescence

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